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Bringing Eclipse Productions to Bloomington, IN is a heartfelt endeavor driven by a deep connection to this vibrant community. With three of our founders hailing from Bloomington or its vicinity, and two of us having dedicated twelve transformative years to a theatrical career in New York, our roots run deep. Now, we're returning to our origins, eager to infuse Bloomington with the magic of powerful artistry. Our mission goes beyond entertainment; we aspire to inspire change. By fostering creativity and dialogue through our performances, we aim to spark impactful conversations within the community. Our collective passion and dedication are centered on creating resonant experiences that uplift, challenge, and leave a lasting mark. Join us on this meaningful journey, as we channel our artistic energy into Bloomington's cultural fabric, cherishing the place that means the world to us. Together, let's create art that transcends and transforms.

Why Bloomington?

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