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Get To Know Us...

Eclipse Productions Company is a brand new theatre company in Bloomington, IN! We are so excited to bring LIVE theater to the public. Eclipse is committed to delivering top-notch, affordable and titillating theater opportunities to local actors while providing enriching performing arts experiences to our community. Our values include quality entertainment, affordable theatrical experiences for our guests, equitable access to theatrical productions, diversity, and inclusion amongst our performers and crowds. Our primary passion is to ask the challenging questions and to make sure our patrons leave with an invigorating experience. We aim to  improve the quality of life for everyone involved, as we focus on igniting passion, building confidence, encouraging individuality, and empowering self-exploration.


With over 15 plus years of theatrical experience, amongst us, we truly believe that the purpose of theater is to push boundaries and leave the audience craving for more. Eclipse is extremely passionate about the theatrical craft. Creating beautiful, meaningful and impactful art is our purpose. We want to inspire everyone that is involved and build relationships that will last a life-time.

Meet the Team

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